We invite you to visit our bakery to see our wide selection of English cakes, pastries, cookies, and specialty desserts.
Hours of Operation
Tuesday - Saturday 9:00am - 5:00pm Sunday & Monday
796 Aquidneck Ave.
Middleton, RI  02842

Phone: 401-207-7246

"Welcome to June Love's English Bakery!
      June Loves English Bakery is a small family business, just me and my son actually, who are committed to providing you with fresh cakes and baked goods that are made from old English family recipes.
     We make regular trips back to our little
English village of Harpham, England and we
pick up new recipes. We use fresh eggs, butter,
and no artificial ingredients to give you
delicious treats. Lovely!

—June, Loves

The following review by Cathy Duarte, a customer, best describes this small business and it's mission:

"This little bakery in Middletown is a hidden gem! I have been a fan of June Love's English Baked Goods since they have been selling their goods at the Newport Farmer's Market. On this most recent trip home I was excited to see that I can buy their yummy baked goods year-round, now that they have a storefront right in Middletown. If ever there were desserts that were meant to be enjoyed year-round, it is definitely the desserts sold here.

This is a family-owned business. June is from England and takes pride in offering authentic, English baked goods. Her son Nishan is also always on hand, churning out their one-of-kind baked goodies. If you haven't had the pleasure of tasting English pastries, you are missing out! One of my faves is the flapjacks. Not your boring American pancake "flapjack," the only way i can describe them is a cross between an oatmeal cookie and a granola bar. Pure buttery, oaty deliciousness! Really, these must be experienced to truely understand how unique and tasty they are.

If you are looking for a creamy, sweet and decadent dessert, then you must try one of their cakes...anything from their tasty sticky toffee pudding, whisky cake, or victoria sponge. Who knew such delights even existed?

Nishan and June are always happy to point out that, as a local business, they use locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible. From the beef in their English meat pies, to much of their dairy products, to the jams in their Victoria sponge. Even the coffee they use in their espresso cake is roasted locally, and offered in the coffee shop that's right in the smae shopping center. What's not to love about this place? You really must try their baked goods.